Covid-19 Update:

We will not be running Return to Play Testing temporarily due to COVID-19. We require the high performance centre open on campus in order to complete the testing.

This program has been developed based on the most recent literature research and best practice implementation.  The program development was a collaborative effort with the Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic and the Carleton University High Performance Centre.

The program is an individualized 3 month progressive training plan.  The program implementation and instruction involves supervision, testing and feedback from a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletic Therapist or a Physiotherapist.

The training program includes five main components: pre and post program testing, resistance training, neuromuscular training, plyometric and speed training.

This program is designed to assess the biomechanical readiness of an individual and prepare for the return to recreational or competitive sport participation.

Pre and Post program testing involves:

  • Cybex testing
  • Force plate testing
  • Functional movement testing
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Proprioception testing

Pretesting is scheduled by appointment only by calling the Sport Medicine Clinic.  Results of the testing can be sent to your physician or healthcare provider upon request.

The program is designed for athlete injury prevention, returning to activity from any injury or surgery. The design of the program is to fill in the gap often created following discharge from therapy and return to full activity.  This program can be done in conjunction with your physiotherapy or as a progression.

There is significant evidence for goal based physical landmarks for return to activity following knee ACL surgery.  The principle of RTP is to apply this rationale for all injured athletes.  The guidelines behind the training principles for RTP can also be effective in injury prevention.

Pre-program testing/assessment:

$65 for battery of tests listed above to gather your personal data to design individualized program.  A receipt will be provided for extended health benefits.

3 Month Program Cost :

  • 1 session/week $225 (12 sessions @ $18.75)
  • 2 sessions/week $450 (24 sessions @ 18.75)
  • 3 sessions/week $675 (36 sessions @ 18.75)

Includes post-program testing.

Registration for the RTP can be done by referral from your Orthopeadic surgeon, sport medicine physician or therapist by fax at 613-520-3974.

For direct access or questions regarding the program please call the Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic at 613-520-3510 or email.  For email please include RTP in subject line.

The RTP program location is in the Carleton University High Performance Centre located in the Athletic Complex.

Sessions will run Monday/Wednesday/Friday evening and subject to demand on Saturday morning.

What to bring to your sessions:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Athletic wear
  • Water bottle
  • Brace (if required)
  • Discharge report/ progress report from referring healthcare provider
  • Sunscreen (summer) as some sessions may occur on-field