The Carleton sports medicine clinic provides a number of custom fit braces and sport specific braces.  Custom fit bracing requires an appointment with Adam (Athletic Therapist and Brace Specialist).  No appointment is required for off the shelf (non custom fitting) sport braces.

The custom fit knee brace providers are:

  • DonJoy
  • Breg
  • Ossur

Custom knee brace fittings are weekly, by appointment only with Athletic Therapist Adam Davies.

Please see below for a sampling of some of the popular orthopaedic and sport braces available:


Brace Technician


Post OP

ProCare Knee Immobilizer

Rigid, padded knee splint to immobilize leg post injury or surgery


DonJoy IceMan Clear

Circulates cold water to help with pain control and swelling after surgery or injury


Empi Phoenix

Combination Muscle Stimulation to assist with muscle strength rehabilitation and TENS to help with pain control after injury or surgery


Knee Arthritis

Defiance OA

Custom lightweight Rigid Carbon Fiber frame with telescoping hinge to maintains knee alignment and prevents knee joint space narrowing that causes Osteo Arthritis Pain


OA Reaction

Rigid Unilateral Hinge that maintains knee alignment and prevents knee joint space narrowing that causes Osteo Arthritis Pain. Silicone web offers dampening effect to alleviate patella associated knee pain.

Knee Ligament Stability

Defiance 3 ACL

Custom lightweight Rigid carbon Fiber Frame and ACL specific hinge prevents knee hyperextension and provides stability for ACL, MCL and LCL



Custom lightweight Titanium Frame and ACL specific hinge prevents knee hyperextension and provides stability for ACL, MCL and LCL.

DJO_A22_nosleeve_13746 (1)

Knee Support

MedSpec Gripper Hinged Knee Brace

16” Wraparound high-level stability knee brace with metal hinges and thigh/calf straps. Ideal for MCL and LCL injuries.


DonJoy Sports Hinged Knee

Breathable Drytex material with dual rigid hinges provides stability for mild MCL and LCL ligament injuries. Also prevents hyperextension of the knee.


DonJoy Rotalux Open Knee Sleeve

General stabilisation of the knee joint and offers stimulation through compressive properties.


Bauerfeind GenuTrain

Providing comfort and support. The elastic knit fabric gives the joint and muscles a targeted, intermittent compression massage on every movement.


Patella Femoral Pain

DonJoy Surround Patella Strap

Helps relieve anterior knee pain (caused by patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatter’s) by applying pressure to the patellar tendon.


Compex WebTech Patella Strap

Silicone strap to ease patella tendon pain associated with “jumpers knee”


DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite

Low profile, breathable material with adjustable buttress to reduce patellar tracking



DonJoy AirCast

Lightweight rigid shell which maintains neutral alignment in the ankle and assists with pain prevention following  severe ankle sprain, non-displaced fracture of the leg or in Achilles tendon treatment.

Air_Select_Standard__ThreeQuarter_Right__Flat djo_aircast_airselect_short

DonJoy Sports Ankle Brace

Thin, lightweight lace-up brace with figure 8 strapping to prevent inversion and eversion ankle sprains.


EVO ASO Ankle Brace

Popular lace-up ankle brace with figure 8 strapping providing optimum support.


Orliman Crossover Elastic Ankle Support

Sock-type ankle support of soft and highly resistant elastic material and figure 8 elastic band.


Allard USA Night Splint

Allows for controlled application of a prolonged stretch on the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Lightweight, sturdy one-piece flexible shell.


POP Phanton Dorsal Night Splint

Low profile design enhances patient compliance and soft materials allows for comfort overnight. Suitable for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon injuries.


Strassburg Sock

For overnight treatment of plantar fasciitis. The easy to use device is designed to maintain tension on the tissue allowing it to heal in a stretched position at night.



Premium insoles designed to help stabilize the foot providing support and comfort. Carrying Carbon, Pro Hockey, Merino wool, Low and High profile designs.  


Bauerfeind Performance Compression Stockings

Vitalizing sport socks for endurance sports. Can be used for post-operative fasciotomy treatment.


Low Back

MedSpec Back-n-Black Lumbar Support

Contoured back brace designed to provide compression over the lumbar region promoting good posture. Great choice for low back sprains and strains.


Com-Pressor SI Belt

The Com-Pressor is a sacroiliac belt specifically designed and patented by Diane Lee, Physiotherapist, to target pain in the low back or pelvis.



MedSpec Shoulder Immobilizer

Provides the optimum level of comfort with shoulder stabilization.


Band It Tennis Elbow Brace

The popular rigid brace provides temporary relief of tendonitis/tennis elbow.


DonJoy Pneumatic ArmBand

Pre-inflated aircell concentrates compression on the extensor muscle while limiting constriction. For treatment of tennis elbow and related pain.



Exos Moldable Wrist

Heat formable, customizable rigid material to support a stable non-displaced fracture of wrist or hand.


Wrist Widget

A Revolutionary design to treat TFCC tears & ulnar sided wrist pain.


ProCare QuickFit Wrist

Functional, easy to apply, wrist orthosis for the treatment of wrist and hand injuries.


Med Spec Compressor Wrist Support

Functional wrist support which limits range of motion to allow for healing.


ProCare QuickFit Wrist with Thumb Orthosis

Wrist and thumb splint with pre-contoured aluminum stays which may be adjusted for an individualized fit.


Orliman Breathable Thumb Splint

Immobilising thumb splint made of a malleable metal which allows it to be shaped to the individual.


DonJoy Thumb-O-Prene Wrap

Lightweight, low profile wraparound design with two metal stays, to limit range of motion at the thumb and wrist.


Custom made knee braces (ACL & Off-Loader Osteoarthritis braces) are measured and fitted on site by our Orthopaedic Brace Technician, Adam Davies.