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Sport Medicine & Physiotherapy: 

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Sport Injury Pathway


Sport Medicine Physician:
If you have had an injury and are concerned about pain, swelling and an injury diagnosis contact the clinic and book an appointment with one of the Sport Medicine Physicians. The doctor will assess the injury, diagnose the injury, decide if imaging (X-ray, CT scan, MRI) are required and direct you toward appropriate management for the injury. The Sport Medicine Physician will provide a prescription for physiotherapy, medication, bracing, crutches, injection, orthopedic surgeon if required.


Following an injury the physiotherapist will assist with educating and how to guide you through the process of decrease pain and swelling, regaining normal range of motion, and restore normal joint and muscle biomechanics.


If surgery is required it is important to have a rehabilitation plan in place to work on a program that safely prepare you for your surgery. Taking care of your injury properly before surgery with an exercise program has a positive impact on your recovery from surgery.


Orthopedic Surgeons:
Our orthopedic surgeons are involved in the surgical management of musculoskeletal injuries and illness. Referrals to an orthopedic surgeon are made if deemed necessary once patients are assessed by one of the primary care sport medicine physicians.


Post op physiotherapy:
The Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic has a number of rehabilitation protocols that have been developed in partnership with our team of orthopedic surgeons, sport medicine physicians and physiotherapists to assist in your recovery from surgery.


Injury Prevention Program:
The program development was a collaborative effort with the Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic and the Carleton University High Performance Centre. The program is an individualized 3 month progressive training plan.  The program implementation and instruction involves supervision, testing and feedback from a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletic Therapist or a Physiotherapist.


The training program includes five main components: pre and post program testing, resistance training, neuromuscular training, plyometric and speed training. This program is designed to assess the biomechanical readiness of an individual and prepare for the return to recreational or competitive sport participation. The program is designed for athlete injury prevention, returning to activity from any injury or surgery. The design of the program is to fill in the gap often created following discharge from therapy and return to full activity.  This program can be done in conjunction with your physiotherapy or as a progression.


Return to Play Testing:
There is significant evidence for goal based physical landmarks for return to activity following an injury.  The principle of Return to Play testing is to apply this rationale for all injured athletes and perform a number of physical tests incorporating functional movements, biomechanics, and strength measurements. This objective information can assist in decision making for a safer return to sport.


There are many bracing options from neoprene, hinge, to custom fit braces. The Sport Medicine clinic has a weekly appointments available with a Certified Athletic Therapist and brace technician to discuss individual options.