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With the mask mandate being lifted as of March 21st across most settings, we still will require all patients to wear a mask when entering the clinic and while attending their appointment.


The Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic supports the effort for everyone to get fully vaccinated for the safety of our community.

Carleton University is asking for patients to show proof of vaccination status before entering any building on campus. Electronic, paper, or provincial vaccination passport is accepted. As an independent medical clinic and following our professional guidelines, patients of the clinic do have a right to be seen by one of our healthcare providers regardless of vaccination status. Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic will not inquire about your vaccination status and will continue to follow Ottawa Public Health guidelines.

If you have any concerns about consent and privacy regarding Carleton University proof of vaccination, please contact the University at covidinfo@carleton.ca.

You can review Carleton University’s screening process at the following link:

 (Registration code: CARLETONU-VISITOR)

If you have any questions about this information relating to your upcoming appointment, please contact the clinic directly at medinfo@carltonsportsmed.com.


At the Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic, we care about our patients and strive to continuously improve our level of care. We understand that making it easier for our patients to get access to that care is of utmost importance. It’s because of this, we now have Online Booking available through our website. Enjoy the flexibility of online booking by picking a time and date that works best for you. Click here for more information.


Even though we are now open, we are still offering telerehab appointments. The fees for virtual appointments are the same as in clinic appointments.

What is tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation is the provision of physiotherapy services at a distance, by an information or communication technology such as video conferencing, when an in-person visit is not possible. A patient can expect the same safe, effective, and ethical care as an in-person visit and the physiotherapist must comply with all regulatory requirements.  Tele-rehabilitation may be appropriate if the patient cannot easily access an in-person visit due to a shortage of physiotherapy services available in the region where the patient lives or because of transportation or mobility concerns. Physiotherapists should use their professional judgment to determine if this model of care is the most appropriate available method to deliver physiotherapy care and that the patient is not exposed to any increased risk. Patients and physiotherapists alike need to recognize any limitations that tele-rehabilitation services present including privacy of personal health information, safety of the patient within the context of their home or work environment and the inability to perform a hands-on assessment and subsequent treatment.

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