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Subthreshold Exercise & Concussion Study

The Carleton Sport Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinic is looking for participants to take part in a study looking at the benefit of aerobic exercise in individuals suffering from post-concussion symptoms. Participants in the study will perform the Bruce protocol with their heart rate and concussion symptoms being monitored every minute. Their heart rate at which symptoms begin will be determined.  This is their symptom threshold heart rate.  Participants will be permitted to exercise on a stationary bike at 80% of the symptom threshold heart rate (Leddy et al. 2010).  Monthly evaluations on a treadmill will be performed to determine and maintain a safe and beneficial level of light aerobic activity which participants will perform on a regular basis at their convenience. The treadmill evaluation, as well as concussion assessment tools (SCAT3 and ImPACT), will be performed at a regular intervals until post-concussive symptoms have resolved. The goal of the study is to assess the benefits of aerobic activity in the progression of post-concussion syndrome, and to better inform health care professionals on the strategies for return to activity after a concussion, especially in patients with prolonged symptoms.

Inclusion criteria to participate in the study:

1)    An athletic individual actively participating in a sport 2 times/week at minimum with the goal of returning to activity.

2)    An athlete that has been assessed and diagnosed by a Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician for a concussion.

3)    An athlete between the ages of 18 and 55.

4)    An athlete suffering from concussion symptoms for at least 6 weeks, and continues to be symptomatic.

5)    An athlete that has access to a stationary bike for regular use.

To refer a patient for the study and to set up an initial appointment please call the Carleton Physiotherapy Clinic at 613-520-3511 and ask for a subthreshold testing initial appointment. If you have any questions regarding the study please feel free to email shiraschwartz at cmail dot carleton dot ca.

Please note: the research study is completed. Future appointments for sub threshold exercise testing are by referral only from a Sport Medicine Physician at the Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic.

If you have any questions regarding the study please feel free to email

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Keep checking back for the final report.