Specialized procedures such as viscosupplementation joint injection (Euflexxa is the set of 3 injections 1 week apart or Monovisc is the single injection) for osteoarthritis can be performed at the clinic. Viscosupplementation has been shown to relieve pain & improve function in many patients who cannot get relief from nonmedicinal measures or analgesic drugs. This procedure involves the injection of gel-like substances (hyaluronic acid) into a joint to supplement the viscous properties of synovial fluid and serves as a lubricant for the joint. Patients often experience relief for 9-12 months after the injection. Many insurance companies will cover the cost.

Euflexxa Cost: $150/injection x 3 injections (HST Exempt)
Durolane / Monovsic Cost: $470/injection x 1 injection (HST Exempt)
Durolane mini: $250/injection x 1 injection (HST Exempt)
Image Guided Injections: additional $150 (required for hips)