Covid-19 Update:

You will notice changes in our clinic when we welcome you to your next visit:

  • Daily COVID screening prior to entry into clinic for all patients and staff.
  • All appointments are by appointment only and we will not have a walk in clinic.
  • For physiotherapy and massage, you will receive your consent form via email upon booking your appointment and we would like it returned to us 48h before your scheduled visit. You will also be receiving a waiver, which we ask you to read prior to your appointment. Upon arrival at the screening desk, you will be asked to verbally agree to it.
  • Mandatory hand sanitation upon entry into the clinic. Hand sanitizer will also be available in common areas of the clinic.
  • Mandatory face-covering for all patients entering the clinic – we kindly request that you bring your own mask as PPE supplies are still difficult to obtain. If you do not arrive with a mask, one will be provided to you. We ask that you make a donation if we provide you with a mask.
  • All doctors and staff will wear required PPE when interacting with you.
  • Plexi-glass barriers for reception and physical distancing precautions throughout the clinic.
  • Limited number of patients allowed in the clinic at one time. We ask that you arrive alone for your appointment, unless you medically require one or that person is a minor.
  • Increased disinfection protocols in place.
  • We are still offering telehealth and telerehab appointments. Please note, the telerehab appointments are now the same fee as in clinic appointments. Effective June 8th

Your First Appointment

  • Bring your valid health card if you have an appointment with a physician.  Your health card will need to be shown each physician visit.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment (see our Find Us page for directions). Parking is free until May, 2021.
  • You may be subject to a $50 fee for missed appointments or short notice cancellations (within 24 hours).
  • Please bring appropriate footwear (running shoes) and loose fitting clothing such as shorts, t-shirt or sleeveless shirt and a sports bra for females (especially for those receiving shoulder treatment).
  • Check in at the front desk when you arrive; you will be given forms to complete.
  • Bring your Health Care Card to show the receptionist.
  • We are a high volume specialty clinic and certain circumstances may arise that can cause clinicians to run behind. Please be prepared to possibly experience delays.
  • Follow-up sessions can be booked with our receptionists.
  • If your provider recommends an aid-in-recovery (e.g. brace, tape, rehab equipment), it may be available for purchase in our clinic. You are welcome to ask for assistance at the front desk.