Marie-Elise graduated with a bachelor’s of science in physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2009. She is fully bilingual and has been working in the sport medical field with athletes at the local and international level.

She has been involved as a physiotherapist at many events such as the 2013 Summer Canada Games, 2011 and 2013 Ottawa Marathon, Skate Canada 2014, 2013 World Ice Hockey Women’s Championships, 2013 Canadian National Gymnastics Championships, 2012 World Taekwondo Championships, 2012 Seven’s International Rugby Championships, 2011 Western Canada Summer Games to name only a few. She has also worked with local sports teams such as the Nepean Knights Junior B Box Lacrosse Team, Regional 5 Provincial Soccer Team, Senators Rugby Team and Sooners Football Team.

Since graduating in 2009, she has completed her Certification with the Acupuncture Foundation Institute of Canada (CAFCI) as well as completing her course in Trigger Point Dry Needling. She also has her certification in K-Taping from the K-Taping Academy.

Marie-Elise has also completed her Certification in Sport Physiotherapy with Sport Physiotherapy Canada and is in the process of completing her Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy. She has taken many other post-graduate courses such as: Back rehabilitation course by Stuart McGill, Mackenzie course, advanced sports taping course, running injury prevention and rehabilitation courses with Blaise Dubois, soft tissue release course, hip rehabilitation course. She has also attended the 2011 National Capital Knee Symposium, the 2011 Capital Sports Therapy Symposium as well as attending monthly medical rounds at Carleton University.

Marie-Elise is a member at large of the Eastern Ontario Physiotherapy Association, a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as well as being an active volunteer with Sport Physiotherapy Ontario. Marie-Elise attended the pre-professional ballet program at The School of Dance and has a great interest in running, skiing, canoe-camping as well as mountaineering.