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Compartment Pressure Testing

Exercise-induced compartment syndrome, also called exertional compartment syndrome and chronic compartment syndrome, is a condition that causes pain in the lower legs. Patients typically experience the pain after a period of activity or exercise, and it is quickly relieved by rest. The pain from exercise-induced compartment syndrome can be quite severe, and it often limits a patient’s activity level. Dr. Taryn Taylor performs compartment testing in the clinic to determine if surgery would be beneficial. Dr. Andy Marshall performs the surgery involving the release of the tight fascia, called a fasciotomy.

Appointment booking for compartment testing is by referral only and by contacting Chantale or Nicola at 613-520-3510.

Compartment testing clinics are booked once/month.

For your appointment please bring exercise clothes (especially shorts) and sneakers as a required for treadmill walking/running to elicit compartment symptoms for accurate measurement.

Cost: $135.00