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ACL Prevention Program

The following program is coming soon!

Carleton University Sport Medicine is pleased to provide a dynamic new program developed specifically to reduce the incidence of ACL injuries in basketball players.  We evaluate each athlete through a series of functional tests to correct functional abnormalities and further identify athletes who maybe at higher risk.  The program will be administered by a Certified Athletic Therapist knowledgeable in biomechanics, exercise and stretching techniques, and the identification of these weaknesses and abnormalities. We run through the program with the athletes, showing them the proper techniques of each exercise, instruct the coaches on what to look for to correct problems with technique and perform functional testing on each athlete. High-risk athletes will be provided an opportunity to discuss options for further evaluation and specific programs available to them through personal training. The therapist will return in approximately 2 weeks to review the program and answer any questions or concerns coaches and players might have with respect to the program.

Cost: The cost of the complete package is TBD.